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Kormos Impex was born from the desire to achieve perfection and the determination to produce quality parquet.
With over 40 years of experience in the field, Kormos Impex exploits raw materials using the most advanced technological line, distributes and exports solid oak, ash parquet ,engineered parquet , and other European types of wood.

Due to extremely precise technical equipment that supports the parquet production and to the staff experience, we make sure to produce high quality parquet. After the raw material is processed in different sizes, the process is completed with the selection and quality control, carried out by qualified personnel.

Occupying an area of 20,000 square meters, our factory is situated in Visina, Dambovita County, a well-placed site for the parquet distribution throughout Romania and Europe.

Classic style never goes out of style. Starting from this premise, we welcome our customers with a great variety of oak parquet from the Extra class, to the BR/ Rustic class- 7selections and over 10 specifications available, manufactured specifically for those who know how to appreciate the true value of wood.

In everything we do, we try to be the best, so we put great emphasis on the staff training, the quality of the machines used in the production process because we know that the parquet is the one that stands out when you first enter a room. At the same time, we are involved in research, and we are aware of everything that is new both in terms of operation and of production, to make sure that the products supplied by our company reach the highest level of quality and has a considerable temporal resistance.


Human resources

Kormos Impex Srl is consisted of a big corporated family, which has as a main concern to function within a safe work environment.

Our staff and their development is a determining factor of evolution within our company. Their everyday improvement in knowledge and abilities is an important priority of our company.

Our aim is our people to believe in our principles, our core values and our visions, contributing to the shaping of a more beautiful world with quality and design.


The production of the materials is made with respect to the environment and with ecological consciousness. Kormos monitors the origin of its raw materials and makes every possible effort to protect the natural recourses of the planet.

The commercial activities of Kormos are exclusively based on wood which comes from forests under controlled utilization.

An important factor of our environmental culture is that the materials used for the construction of wooden floors are certified by the FSC® – C136767, while the glues and oils fulfill the highest standards internationally and they are friendly to the environment and people.