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Wood is an anisotropic material (it does not have the same physical properties in all directions or a similar structure). Because the wood structure is characterized by the parallel orientation of the fibers, the mechanical properties depend largely on the fiber direction.

Only a thorough study of these features allow the use of wood in various areas of use:

  1. Axial direction (fiber direction);
  2. Radial direction (development period);
  3. Tangential direction (growth rings).
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The same material can present different behavior depending on the orientation of the fiber:

  • a)¬†With radial direction;
  • b)¬†With tangential direction.
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The fiber direction (1) the wood movement is minimal and the mechanical stress resistance is maximal, while the direction perpendicular to the fiber (2) or (3) is opposite- the wood movement is particularly high, while the mechanical stress resistance is very low.

Kormos - Lemn masiv